Javascript Books – The best books for Javascript in 2020

Javascript Books – The best books for Javascript in 2020

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Javascript is one of the most popular languages, in terms of number of jobs available, the capabilities and performance, and the enjoyment of learning and using it. Here are the latest best Javascript books.

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How to choose a Javascript book

There are a lot of Javascript books. Most of them have one or both of the following problems:

They are out of date. Javascript changes fast so anything older than 2018 or 2019 isn’t really worth bothering with.

They are poorly written. A lot are self-published kindle books with poor editorial quality.

Our selection only includes the most up-to-date, well-written, easy to follow and thoroughly researched best Javascript books.

The best Javascript books

Javascript – The Definitive Guide

If you buy one Javascript book, it should be this one. With a very long history and a top reputation, this is now in the 7th edition and updated for May 2020.

It’s been the best selling javascript book for 25 years. Very clear, thorough, and comprehensive, this is the Javascript bible and will set you on course to being a javascript master.

Modern Javascript for the Impatient

Cay Horstmann’s Java books are amongst the best. His Javascript work is also a best seller. This book is the best follow up to The Definitive Guide for anyone who wants to truly understand Javascript.

Javascript Everywhere

Another superb book. Javascript Everywhere is a great follow up to The Definitive Guide or Modern Javascript for the Impatient, and explores cross-platform application development.

This one will teach you how to actually build applications, including mobile apps.

Javascript in easy steps

If you are a total beginner, this is the best of the easy-access Javascript books.

Clear, practical examples will have you up and running very quickly.

HTML, CSS, and Javascript all in one

If you are new to Javascript but want something a bit more grown-up and with deeper coverage, then this is the best choice. From November 2018 it is still adequately up-to-date, and as part of the Sams Teach Yourself series you can be sure it has been carefully edited and quality controlled.

Professional Javascript for Web Developers

At over 1000 pages this is a thorough reference manual for the pro. This isn’t a beginner book for learning javascript, but a great companion for anyone who really wants to understand the mechanics of the language.

This is the best Javascript “deep dive”.

Javascript for Impatient Programmers

Very much up-to-date, this a very clear and easy to use desktop reference with comprehensive coverage of all the latest language features. It’s perfect to have close at hand while you’re coding, to dip into for insight int particular structures, patterns, and expressions.

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