Pact Coffee Review – The best coffee subscriptions 1

Pact Coffee Review – The best coffee subscriptions 1

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Pact Coffee Review

This Pact Coffee review is part of a series looking at the best gear, supplies, and subscriptions that will make your working life and office experience so much more bearable.

Coding and coffee go hand in hand. Stop spending £3 a pop down at the coffee shop. Stop drinking instant junk.

Start getting superb quality small batch coffees from Pact.

We’ll also tell you the very best way to brew the perfect cup in minutes, with none of the mess or hassle of a cafetiere or stovetop espresso pot.

Pact Coffee – The essentials

Pact is a coffee delivery service. “Subscription” isn’t the best word because you have full control over what you get and when. You can choose how often you get deliveries and change it any time. you can pause at any time and cancel at any time.

Pact offers a wide variety of coffee and you choose exactly what you receive. The selection changes frequently so there’s always something new to try or old favourites.

You can get coffee delivered as whole beans, ground, or in Nespresso pods.

The coffee is superb quality, sourced direct, and Pact’s direct trade with the producers means that they get a better deal, better even than Fairtrade.

Pact Coffee – Subscription options

You choose bags or pods. You can choose your preferred roasting style.

Really important is the ability to choose the grinding level. You can have whole beans if you want, but you can choose between 4 levels of grinding to get the perfect grind for your brewing method.

pact coffee review options
pact coffee review options

Pact Coffee – Coffee range

There are 3 coffee ranges to choose from. The cheapest House option is Pact’s signature blend. If you enjoy coffee, you will want to choose between Select and Micro-lot.

Select gives you a choice of at least 8 single-origin coffees that change regularly. Micro-lot adds several more rare, small-batch coffees for the real connoisseur.

Varieties change frequently. You can go for months without repeating the same coffee.

Pact Coffee – Full flexibility

The best thing about Pact is the amazing range and ever-changing variety of coffee. The second best thing is that you have total control over your deliveries.

  • Haven’t finished the last bag? just click Skip delivery
  • Going on holiday? Click Pause for 30 days
  • Running out? Click Ship today
  • Drinking more? Change the frequency
  • Want deliveries to home as well as work? Just add another plan

Pact Coffee – Rating

I hope this Pact Coffee review has shown you that Pact is brilliant. It is. The coffee changes regularly so you can keep choosing new varieties. Old favourites are always available too. The coffee is superb quality and includes varieties you can’t get anywhere else.

There is total control and flexibility over your orders. You will never end up getting coffee you don’t want. You can always get more when you want more. They are perfectly straightforward and honest. There are no gotchas, no pitfalls, no downsides.

It’s so easy to click “Skip delivery” when you haven’t finished the last bag.

You will look forward to every new delivery, and that incredible moment when you open a new bag and smell the fresh coffee for the first time.

Being able to choose the grinding level means you get coffee that is perfectly ground for your preferred brewing method.

Pact Coffee is brilliant in every aspect.

I use Pact myself and have been a customer since March 2015. I tried other coffee subscriptions and always come back to Pact. That’s why I’m happy to share my personal referral code with you to get £5 off your first bag. Please do not share this code on deal sites or anything like that.

The best way to brew your coffee

That’s it for the Pact Coffee review. No on to the art of brewing coffee.

I drink a lot of coffee. By far the best way I have ever found for making coffee at work is the Aeropress.

It’s cheap. It’s easy to use. It makes a beautifully clear coffee with none of the muddiness or cloudiness you get with a cafetiere.

One of the best things is how easy it is to clean up. Use a cafetiere or a stovetop espresso pot and you spend forever cleaning up. With Aeropress the cleanup takes seconds. The coffee grounds just push out straight into the bin with the used filter. A quick rinse and you’re away.

That fast cleanup makes it ideal for workplace kitchens. In and out, no messing.

It’s also perfect for work because it makes one decent sized cup of coffee at a time. Make a whole pot and and although the first cup will be OK, an hour later it really isn’t.

Trust me. Try Aeropress and you’ll never go back.

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