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Pact Coffee Review – The best coffee subscriptions 1

There are several coffee subscription services that are perfect for workplace coffee deliveries. This Pact Coffee review tells you all there is to know about Pact Coffee.

free website design

Get a free business website in 30 mins + £80 advertising credit

How to make a free business website, get your business listed on Google, and get £80 free advertising credit. A beginner can do this in 30 minutes.

gmail on a laptop

Prevent domain email spoofing on AWS

Prevent domain email spoofing on AWS. If you set up domain email on AWS you must configure SPF and DKIM to prevent spammers sending junk mail claiming to be from your domain.

code thump it coursesonline

Track AWS Lightsail cost by project with cost allocation tags

How to track AWS Lightsail costs by project using cost allocation tags. If you have multiple projects in AWS, here’s how to track costs for each project.

code thump aws tutorials

AWS Cloudfront – restrict access to origin using custom headers

How to restrict origin access in AWS Cloudfront using custom headers for Lightsail WordPress, so that all traffic must go via the CDN


The best Javascript courses online – 2020

What are the best Javascript courses? Here is the top selection of the best Javascript courses available online including free courses, for learning Javascript in 2020.

best javascript books

Javascript Books – The best books for Javascript in 2020

What are the best Javascript books? Javascript is still one of the most popular languages. We cover the best books to learn and improve in Javascript.

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